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Your Dream Home

Only $500 down. New & Remodeled
Metro North Community Development Corporation, Inc. (MNCDC) is a Florida-based not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 2001. The community development organization serves a large section of Jacksonville, Florida’s urban core and northwest areas of town.

Looking to purchase your 1st home? We can help!

Planning x

Metro North CDC staff meets with prospective first time home buyers to plan how to become a new home owner.  This is an exciting time for the home buyer working with us to define their dream home.  The first steps is to assess the home buyer’s credit information.  If necessary our staff are certified credit counselors and will assist with the process of repairing credit for the home buyer if necessary. We work with the home buyer and mortgage lenders to assess the amount of home the buyer can afford.  Once the home owner is pre-approved by the mortgage lender, we work on either new construction plans with the home buyer or develop a plan to find an existing home that we can acquire and rehab as desired by the home buyer.

Constructing x

First time home buyers that qualify for a newly constructed home began the journey of locating the desired location, working with our staff in choosing such details as colors, textures, and patterns for flooring, interior and exterior color scheme, roof colors, lighting fixtures, etc. Although, we do not build custom homes we do have the ability to allow the home owner to customize the home as much as possible allowing for selections of colors, textures, patterns to fit their dreams.

Rebuilding x

Sometimes our home buyer qualify for a mortgage but with a lower amount of purchase power. In this instance the home owner cannot qualify for new home construction but can qualify for an existing home renovation. We seek existing homes in the area the home owner desires that we can purchase and renovate for the home buyer. Once purchased, a complete makeover of the home is completed with but not limited to, new roof, AC, Plumbing, interior & exterior finishes, windows, door, etc. The home owner has a new home for all practical purposes.


Projects Complete


Feedback Received

Why Choose Us x

18 Years Experience

Metro North was founded 18 years ago to affect positive change through community organizing, housing development, and elimination of blight in the Brentwood, North Shore, and Eastside neighborhoods

We Get You Pre-Qualified

We have worked with various mortgage lenders and have developed robust relationships with lenders that benefit our home buyers and streamline the process to assure you know how much home you can purchase.

Save Time and Money

New home buyers only pay $500 down payment and we work with home buyers to qualify for local and state down payment assistance programs. We work hand in hand with the home buyer through the process.

No Hidden Cost

There are no hidden fees. Our home buyers pay $500 down payment to Metro North that is escrowed to be used at the final home purchase closing. There may be other fees assessed by the mortgage lender that are not required by Metro North CDC.

Top Quality Homes

Metro North has been always provided quality homes and has received awards in the local Parade of Homes by the North Florida Home Builders Association (NFHBA)

Zero Complaints

Metro North has completed over 150 new and renovated home projects that have create new families for many neighborhoods. We pride ourselves in that we have work hand in hand with our home buyers to avoid any problems, and quickly resolve any issues that arise on of the construction process.

Our History x



Metro North was Founded

Metro North Community Development Corporation was founded in 2001 in Jacksonville, Florida by a board of local business owners, neighborhood residents and other strategic partners to revitalize the Greater Brentwood neighborhood. Their mission was to serve as the community’s “Chamber of Commerce” implementing new initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for all in the area.



Received Certification

MNCDC received its initial certification as a Community-Based Housing Development Organization in 2002.



Commercial & Multifamily Homes

In 2005 we expanded into the commercial and multifamily development.
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Recent Work

Looking to purchase your 1st home? We can help!

What People Are Saying x

OUTSTANDING WORK. Thank you! At first I didn't believe they could do it. Now I have my first home and it's all mine. I'm paying less that I would be paying for a 2 bedroom apartment and all the money I put in is just building up more equity in something that actually belongs to me. Alex, Home Owner

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